An original concept from Hamilton Eftpos Ltd, Twin Tower configuration is designed for the most demanding sales environments.  High quality Tailwind Flexi-Poles raise the terminals (Operator and Customer) off the counter surface. The display is brought closer so optimising interface.  

Rapid effortless transaction process is assured when combined with Paywave.
Significantly more hygienic in hospitality/food service environments (human touch is minimised and hardware is separated from surfaces prone to grime, food residue and liquid spillage).

Expensive and sensitive hardware is locked firmly in place in state of the art Tailwind Firstbase installations; no more impact damage from dropping onto hard counter-top edges like granite or stainless steel.  

On top of all the improved efficiencies, TWIN TOWER simply looks better giving your customer service counters an elegant professional touch.

TAILWIND are the world's leading Eftpos Stand Designer (http://tailwind-solutions.com/) (beware of imitations: always look for the Tailwind trade name stamped on the base!).  Tailwind is a premium product and two (2x) of these magnificent stands are installed at no cost to the merchant as part of Hamilton Eftpos' commitment to quality and superior service for all of it's merchants.

Equipment Lease¹/Service Contract²·³& Monthly Rate

Standalone Basic $39.95+GST including free DTS

Full 2-way integrate pos $49.95+GST incl free DTS

Twin Tower Premium $51.95+GST free DTS

Portable WIFI / GPRS Mobile $59.95+GST+DTS

DTS (Drive-To-Site service support)

Only Premium Models: No ex-Rental, no old basic models used!

² Expert Tailwind Twin Tower Installation @ No Charge!

³ Drive to Shop service, Monday to Sunday @ No Charge!